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Advanced Perioral Rejuvenation

Our Advanced Perioral Rejuvenation course is the ideal way to further your knowledge and experience, while increasing your overall Aesthetics Career.
£1995 + VAT

At a Glance

Our perioral rejuvenation masterclass provides theory and practical training on using dermal fillers and Botox to reduce lines, plump lips, and restore a youthful lower face. It also covers business elements to help aestheticians offer these in-demand services.

Course Length: 1 Day
Hands-on Injection Experience
Course Level: Advanced
CPD Points: 8

Course overview

Perioral Rejuvenation refers to the use of small volumes of dermal filler to reduce the appearance of perioral lines and also enhance the projection of the lips. This restores a fuller, smoother and more youthful appearance to the lower face which can also be supplemented with the use of botulinum toxin (Botox).

The course which is divided into two elements, Theory and Practical training, has been built to offer our delegates the opportunity to master the perfect lips through medical aesthetics. Additional training elements essential to starting up business in the aesthetics industry are also covered within this course.

Course Breakdown

Step 1

Initial Theory Online Training

Our Theory element of the course is completed by delegates online, covering the fundamental principles and foundations of aesthetic medicine, at a time and place that is comfortable to them. After acceptance onto your course, you can begin your theory training immediately. You will be provided with in-depth theory content, slides and demonstrations that will help you to understand the practice of aesthetic treatments specifically focussing on the perioral portion of the face.

On successful completion of your theory element, you will then proceed to step 2 of this course.

Step 2

Face to Face Learning

This day will be used to recap on theory to ensure you are confident in your knowledge of the subject before proceeding to the practical stage of the course.

This step will be carried out in small groups, allowing time for questions to be asked to ensure maximum knowledge and understanding is attained.

Step 3

Live Demonstration by Trainer

Our in-person, 1:1 practical training day will be hosted at our clinic. This provides delegates with the opportunity to work with our educator, Lisa, to be given intensive demonstrations and practice of the theory element that you will have previously learned in Step 1 of the workshop.

The highlight of the training will be the hands-on sessions with live models, which will truly immerse you in the realm of industry treatments. During these sessions, you will gain practical experience in preparing a patient for treatment, performing the treatment itself and ensuring proper aftercare and documentation are diligently carried out.

Each delegate will be provided with their own model to work with on this day.

Once the practical training session is completed, our course administrator Lisa will sign off each delegate and process the course as being completed by the delegate. Delegates will then be presented with our CPD Verified Certificate of Completion and can then begin their practice.

Step 4

Business Setup

This section of the course will focus on establishing a business within the aesthetic industry, as well as managing aesthetic complications to ensure you feel at ease with all facets of embarking on your journey.

Step 5

Observation Days

Once qualified each delegate will be offered 2 days in clinic shadowing observation with Face Therapy NI. The RRP of this is £1000, but as a delegate you will get this included in your course.

Ongoing email support will then be provided for up 12 months with our clinical director and nurse Lisa to answer any arising questions related to your training.

What is covered with injectable treatments?

Course Details

How many CPD points are accredited?

  • 8 Points

What benefits are included in the course?

  • Models provided – No hassle.
  • Delegate and model insurance covered.
  • Once qualified each delegate will be offered 2 days in clinic shadowing observation with Face Therapy NI. The RRP of this is £1000, but as a delegate you will get this included in your course.
  • Products provided.
  • Extensive training manuals.
  • Certificate with 8 CPD points.
  • 12 months email support.
  • Business set up included.
  • List of available prescribers for non-prescribing delegates.

Take the Course

Listed below are the dates available for the face-to-face learning component of the course.
Upon purchase, the theory material can be downloaded.

Dates to be confirmed

Frequently Asked Questions

Courses offered by FaceTherapy NI require candidates to have some background training of Anatomy. For this reason, we require all candidates to be GDC, NMC or GMC registered. Generally, this is job types such as Doctors, Nurses, Dentists & Midwives.

Yes! All our courses have been reviewed for their content by the CPD verification process. This means each course carries CPD learning points and will also feature a certificate which will be issued at the completion of Stage 1 & Stage 2.

No. Only persons who hold a GDC, NMC or GDC valid registration are eligible for our courses.

Each of our courses carry with them an end of course assessment. This is a short online quiz which allows us to test your learning and be fully confident you have gained enough knowledge and understanding to proceed with the practical stage of the workshop.

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