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Our Lips Masterclass is the ideal way to learn how to master sculpting the perfect lips through Dermal Fillers and BOTOX.

This course, divided into two elements, has been built to offer our delegates wishing to confident provide clients with the perfect lip filler. Lips are becoming a massive interest for clients male and female alike, and so, opportunities to boost your income significantly increase when you are able to offer Lip Fillers as a service to clients. This course is for existing Aestheticians who have previously trained on a recognised course on BOTOX & Dermal Fillers.

Our course is divided into two different parts.

Part 1 – Online Theory Element – Our Theory element of the course is completed by delegates online, at a time and place that is comfortable to them. After acceptance onto your course, you can begin your theory training immediately. You will be provided with in-depth theory content, slides and demonstrations that will help you to understand the practice of Aesthetic treatments – specifically focusing on the Lips portion of the Face. At the end of your Theory study, you will be prompted to complete an short exam type quiz which will test your new found knowledge on the topic you have been studying. On successful completion of your Theory element, you can then proceed to part 2 of the course.

Part 2 – In-Person Practical Training Day – Our in-person, practical training day will be hosted at our clinic. This offers delegates the chance to work with our educator, Lisa, to be given intensive demonstrations and puts into practice the theory element that candidates will have previously learned at Part 1 of the workshop. It’s important to note that Part 2 can only be booked & paid for after the theory element of the workshop. The cost of Practical day is charged additional to the theory cost outlined above, and is not included. You will be prompted to book your training day after you successfully complete your Theory element.

This course is available only to the following Health professionals: Nurses, Midwives, Doctors & Dentists, who have previously studies the Foundation to BOTOX (Type A) and Dermal Fillers workshop. This online course should only be completed by delegates with qualifications to this standard.


Then come to clinic where you can avail of: 

1-2-1 (£795 Inc Vat)

1 live model to cover lip technique with cannula

1 live model to cover lip technique with needle

1 live model to cover Facetherapys own FTLIP

Treating the Difficult M Shape lip

Use of Hyalase in case of emergency

Dealing with complications e.g. delayed onset nodules, elective correction procedure,


Group session (£595 Inc Vat)

What happens after my theory section is certified?

After you finish your online theory course you must contact the team to book in your practical elements, this will either be a group session or 1-2-1 in one our clinic where you will inject with live models following observation / demonstration and also be supervised by our expert trainer.

Once deemed competent you will be issued with a certificate and be eligible for insurance with with cosmetic insure or Hamilton fraser and be able to begin your aesthetics career.


Welcome & Introduction

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Meet Your Educator
  • Download Course Manual
  • Video Lips

Section 1 - Course Slides

  • Course Content Download & Study

Section 2 - Aesthetics Consultation & Legalities

  • Lips – Aesthetics Consultations & Legalities

Section 3 - I.C.E (In Case of Emergency)

  • Lips – I.C.E Content Download

Lips Assessment

  • Lips (Filler) Masterclass Section 1 Quiz
  • Lips Masterclass Section 2 Quiz
  • Lips (Filler) Masterclass Section 3 Quiz
  • Lips (Filler) Masterclass Section 4 Quiz


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